We experience mini-deaths each and every day. Like normal death, it is the cessation of something once thought to be continuous. The death of a relationship, an object, a job, a workshop, etc. We experience death everyday and it is hardly noticed because it is not extraordinary. These deaths are mundane and uninteresting which makes the act of an individual dying that much more significant. It is easy to accept these little deaths because we choose to actively forget the path we were following before and instead, follow the new path that no longer has the dead as a part of it. It is forgotten and we evolve without it. Mini-death is no small matter however, we are re-training our brains to live without that which we thought we could never be without. They help shape us and get us to where we are today, all while subconsciously preparing ourselves for the grand acts; and by that I mean individual deaths. Mini-deaths are just as a much a part of life as regular deaths. Have you experienced a mini-death lately?

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