Neither good nor bad, there is no imaginable or conceivable way to argue that death would lean one way or another. Death, however, is inevitable. You cannot excuse it, you cannot hide from it, you can not ask it to go away.

You can believe death came in good fortune to those succumbed to unimaginable pain and suffering. You can believe it took them too young or they did not deserve to go like that. You may believe anything you want, but the truth is death is coming. Death will come for you, whether you have asked of it or not. Death will be the shadow that knocks on your door underneath an orange-creamsicle-colored sky and ask for your hand; and you will accept, but only because you cannot say no to death.


  1. Deep and very true words! Thank you for posting!

    I’m following you please follow me and comment please 😊
    The unknown


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