If you’re out there

and you see this I hope you’re having a good day, a good week, a good life. I hope all the good things you’ve been looking for find you. Here’s to some positive changes friends. Cheers.



There was once this little word blob from a tumblr.com post that someone had made about how they had tried to commit suicide when they were younger but now they can hear their husband reading their four-year-old a bedtime story in funny voices in the other room and that it does, and will get better; let yourself be around to see it.

This has always stuck with me and for some reason really resonated deep. Maybe it is because I have been there and now my life is better or maybe because someone else found their peace with their own life and I can relate to that.

Now I sit around the kitchen table with my own family and think about all the times I felt so low I tried or contemplated suicide. It really can get better but unless you’re there to see it, you will never know just how good it can be.

If you are struggling out there and you need guidance, ask for it. You deserve it and all the good things that can come your way. Please don’t feel alone, there are people out there for you who can help. Never give up.

National Suicide Hotline:  1-800-273-8255

Stale and Stagnant

Stale and stagnant are those who do nothing,

those who dare not to dream.

Those who desire not to achieve but to wade the waters,

waiting for something to float its way.

Half finished hopes and dreams lay broken at the feet,

all too mendable but will not be.

They are they broken promises,

the same old results.

The same old defeat.

Tomorrow is a new day,

filled with the same stale waters.


Soft blonde bouncing curls frame a cherub face; soft and rosy cheeks, your ocean pools of eyes. Sparkling and smiling, your face tells your emotions in the same way your laughter does. A light tinkling or a deep guttural stop-my-breathing type of laughter. Your face shines and beams with each new discovery, treasure to be grasped and understood. Your reasoning no more solid than that of a bumblebee, bumbling from here to there trying to understand what it is you are supposed to do; yet you do it with a poise and grace that many yearn to achieve and for you, it’s effortless. Your very being encapsulated by the astounding aura that is you and only you. A mild perfection that is infectious to the world around you. A simple, tiny marvel of the universe within my grasp. A shining beacon of hope and growth, the love of my life.