Stale and Stagnant

Stale and stagnant are those who do nothing,

those who dare not to dream.

Those who desire not to achieve but to wade the waters,

waiting for something to float its way.

Half finished hopes and dreams lay broken at the feet,

all too mendable but will not be.

They are they broken promises,

the same old results.

The same old defeat.

Tomorrow is a new day,

filled with the same stale waters.



How to have hope when everything feels like a spiraling pattern.

Actions repeated until they blend one into the next and then it’s gone.


It’s the new normal. The same hell to bear wrapped in disguise as hopes and dreams.

But it is waiting for you.

For that one small trip-up that sends it all spiraling again.

Up and down, up and down.

Around we go on the grandiose merry-go-round.