Has flown by and you are so much bigger now.

Always growing and adapting, accepting the changes and flowing with them.

You are the epitome of magnificence and grace.

Smart and beautiful, strong enough to move oceans and earth.

Out in the world I have sent you and though I do worry and fret,

my dear daughter, you can conquer the world.


Swirling and whirling,

the dust rises and falls.

Birds sing in their high perches,

watching over the world as it awakens from its slumber.

The sun greets the day like an old friend,

enveloped in warmth and joy.

For this new day brings new life,

new death,

new beginnings,

and new ends.

A timeless tale of a sunrise.

So it begins…

This is my very first blog! How exciting is that? I’m looking forward to opening this opportunity up for myself and see what I can accomplish just by doing. I feel like I think most people often feel, like they want to do things and they say they are going to do them but; never do them. At my new student orientation for the Funeral Service program, the President of the school gave a short speech that really stuck with me. He said “In two years time you can be doing exactly what you are doing now, or, you can apply yourself and come out with a degree in the same amount of time and not be left wondering what you spent two years on. The choice is yours.” This resonated in me and for the first time in my life I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

I want to share my story, my experience, and my path to becoming a funeral director/embalmer. One day, I hope my daughter follows the same path (or her own) and can look back on what I will create here and be inspired in her own way to do great things.

A thank you to anyone who decides to join me on this new endeavor of mine; I can’t wait to see where we end up!